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    About Helm Hound Boating ResourcesHelm Hound is a company of days past, present and future. Maritime sources, information, and technologies have evolved over many years. We are setting industry standards by utilizing cutting edge technologies and innovations, while opening new frontiers and possibilities for our viewers by exposing the unknown and many times "un-findable" sources available on the world wide web. Dedicated to the design, production, and delivery of innovative maritime boating resources, Helm Hound is uniquely able to offer its users an easily navigatable portal and listing service ecompassing a comprehensive database.
    Our mission is to compile the industries most complete list of boating knowledge along with access to the many available online resources that could possibly be needed. We value personal approach, diligence and professionalism, and we place trust at the center of every relationship, always staying committed to our users and visitors.
    We hope that you will find our website as useful as we hope it be.
                                                                                                      The Helm Hound Crew