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    Helm HoundOcean Maps Gallery

    The list below comprises interesting ocean data maps found in the Google galleries and elsewhere.

    The links below are viewed via the Google Earth browser plugin.
    If you do not have the plugin, you will be prompted to download it.

    Learn more about Google Earth and/or download the entire software suite.
    (Google really has created an amazing piece of software.)



    NOAA Estuarine Bathymetry
    Allows you to explore bathymetric (the study of water depth) data for many of America's esturies.

    Sea Surface Temperature
    Daily global interpolated sea surface temperature data.

    NDBC Buoys
    Near real-time assessment of oceanic conditions in North American and Western Europe.

    NOAA Coral Reef Watch
    The U.S. NOAA Coral Reef Watch product suite uses global satellite and model data to provide daily monitoring.

    Gulf of Mexico Pipelines
    Thousands of interconnecting energy and communication lines lie the seabed keeping us fed, warm and connected.

    All the Water
    Illustrates how all the world's water would appear if gathered into a sphere.

    Real-time ship positions around the world!

    South China Sea Project
    One of the world's most diverse marine environments - the South China Sea.

    Coral Reef Monitoring
    It is estimated that coral reefs cover around 284,000 square kilometers providing a habitat for thousands of species to live.

    Chlorophyll and Concentration
    This map shows where tiny, floating plants live in the ocean.

    Columbia Ocean Terrain Synthesis
    Seafloor mapping expeditions within Columbia University's Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) synthesis.

    Bermuda Shipwrecks
    This map documents some of these wrecks and offers a history of each vessel's life.

    Buoy and Ship Observations
    Real time sea data for hundreds of locations across the globe. Updated every 30 Minutes.

    Humboldt's Travels
    During the 18th &19th centuries, pioneering naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt explored and researched Latin America.

    Oceans Features Names
    2010 Oceans Features.

    GLCFS Nowcast Surface Temps
    Current surface water temperatures for each of the Great Lakes.

    Navimatics Marine North America
    Each US region is divided into chart sections. Reference only, not for navigation.

    Galapagos Bathymetry
    Here, you can explore the bathymetry of the Galapagos Islands and surrounding waters.

    Exploring America's Oceans
    Few of us may take time to consider the 4.4 million square miles of ocean under U.S. jurisdiction.

    The Science of Marine Reserves
    See how full protection inside marine reserves has led to benefits at sites around the world.

    Ocean Dead Zones
    See where ocean dead zones are with this layer.

    Arctic Sea Ice
    See the boundary of Arctic Sea Ice with this layer from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center.

    MCS: Fish to Eat
    Learn about seafood sustainability with the Marine Conservation Society's better Fish to Eat guide.

    ARKive: Endangered Ocean Species
    See photos and videos of the world's marine protected areas with IUCN.

    Marine Protected Areas
    See photos and videos of the world's marine protected areas with IUCN.

    Ocean Observations
    See the latest ocean conditions with dynamically updating information from US coastal buoys with the Ocean Observations layer.

    Ocean Expeditions
    Explore the Ocean virtually following along with scientists and explorers as they go on Ocean Expeditions.

    Surf Spots
    A showcase of worldwide surf spots, all data and photos contributed by locals. Wannasurf.com.

    Kite Surfing Spots
    A showcase of worldwide kite surfing spots, all data and photos contributed by locals.

    A showcase of ocean shipwrecks as provided by shipwreckcentral.com.

    Dive Spots
    A showcase of worldwide dive spots, all data and photos contributed by locals. Wannadive.net.


    Maps and data not for navigation.
    Always consult a trusted source and use multiple data services.

    Much of the content in this directory was developed by other
    companies or by Google's users, not by Google or Helm Hound.

    Google or Helm Hound makes no promises or representations
    about its performance, quality, or content.

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